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Do you know four color theorem? - Zombie Land Saga~Konno Junko - 3D model by snegi5566 (@snegi5566) [f6c8d42]I published a proof of the four color theorem in 2016 year, I think that professional and none-professional mathematicians could understand and verify it . I am very happy if my proof of the four color theorem by induction is properly veri ed and recognized before I publish the short proof of Flt.Thanh you! References
Nov 07, 2002 · After hundreds of years the 4-Color theorem was proved; but the proof involved breaking the problem down into thousands of cases, then verifying each of them by computer. Though you would expect them to applaud the solution of an age-old, challenging problem, mathematicians reacted coolly to the announcement of the proof. Zeroth — Why the Century Number Is One More Than the Year Number. 2012.09.03 prev next. W HY are the 1800s called the “nineteenth century?” Why are the 1900s called the “twentieth century?” The answer is a fundamental mistake that was made, very early in the history of mathematics, in deciding how to number things.

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Jun 27, 2019 · We know from the Four Color Theorem that we can properly four-color any Tetris tessellation, but two-colorings are only possible for a small subset of Tetris tesselations, most of which are kind of boring. Tetris Houndstooth. So how can we make a two-color Tetris tessellation that is interesting?
and the four color theorem. Game Four Color Theorem online. We invite you in the game Four Color Theorem to consider how the four-color theorem works in practice. According to the theorem, four colors are enough to create a map

4 color theorem applied to a 3D map. No cube shares a face with a cube of the same color. - 4 Color Theorem 3D - 3D model by math1120_sara (@math1120_sara) [366b71d]
A humble theorem, not as robust as the 4-color theorem, but still very interesting. To know more about Credits by music...The property of the Möbius strip that I learned most recently is the six-color theorem. You may have heard of the four-color theorem: any map can be colored using four distinct colors so that no ...

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Coloring (The Four Color Theorem) This activity is about coloring, but don't think it's just kid's stuff. This investigation will lead to one of the most famous theorems of mathematics and some very interesting results.
The four color theorem was proven in 1976 by Kenneth Appel and Wolfgang Haken. It was the first major theorem to be proved using a computer. Appel and Haken's approach started by showing that there is a particular set of 1,936 maps, each of which cannot be part of a smallest-sized counterexample to the four color theorem.There are meaningful generalizations, if you consider surfaces like sphere, torus, Möbius band etc. as "3D objects". The minimum number of required colors for the mentioned surfaces is 4, 7 and 6, respectively.