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Dec 17, 2018 · It is generally legal for any resident, except for a felon, to possess a Taser or stun gun in California for legitimate self defense purposes, except for in public buildings and public meetings. Minors aged 16 and above can purchase, possess or use a Taser or stun gun with permission from a parent of legal guardian.
48 - X26-P Taser Devices For Sale (Under warranty until 5/10/2018) It is the City’s intention to sell the above listed Taser X26P devices (black in color) to a law enforcement agency or licensed peace officer. Any agency or officer seeking additional information about the Tasers is asked to send an email to Sergeant Brian Bierdeman at Keith’s Sporting Goods No Longer Carries The TASER® products including gun, batteries, holsters, and cartridges. TASER® WE CAN ONLY FILL CURRENT ORDERS WITH STOCK ON HAND. C2 With a hit anywhere on a body, the TASER® C2 can be effective, making it very easy to use and more reliable under stressful situations.

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The X26 law enforcement model Refurbished TASER® fires from a safe distance of 15 feet away (or 21 or 25 feet for law enforcement) with ultimate take-down power as it overrides the central nervous system of the human body affecting both sensory and motor systems.Taser currently has three self-defense weapons for sale. They are Taser Pulse, Taser Strikelight, and Taser Bolt. Other models still in circulation include the Taser M26 (still used by a number of law enforcement agencies), the Taser C2 (updated Taser Bolt) and the Taser X3 which was first introduced in 2009.
The PoliceGrantsHelp Less Lethal Product Category is a full collection of corporate, state and federal funding Grants and Direct Assistance opportunities available to law enforcement that can help your department acquire Less Lethal force options, such as TASERs.The X26 law enforcement model is also known as the X26E as the "E" refers to the E in law Enforcement. The TASER® X26 fires from a safe distance of 15 feet away (or 21 or 25 feet for law enforcement) with ultimate take-down power as it overrides the central nervous system of the human body affecting both sensory and motor systems.

The Axon Network connects people, devices, and apps to protect life in all regards. From our TASER smart weapons, to police body cameras, to our industry-leading cloud-based evidence management software, we are the world’s premier public safety company and are committed to delivering safe, secure solutions for law enforcement, militaries, and citizens alike. TASER began its sales of TASER devices in 1994 with its AIR TASER model 34000 and then in 1999 came out with the ADVANCED TASER M26. These weapons and later generation models (X26) and the newer models (X2 and X26P) have helped dramatically reduce injuries among officers and their suspects.
Notice of Intent to Certify Sole Source . To ... multiple-shot Taser for law enforcement ... Please contact your local TASER sales representative or call us at 1-800 ... Jul 26, 2013 · The Law Officer brand began in 2005 and is the industry leader in law enforcement news and original content. Law Officer is the only major law enforcement publication and website owned and operated by law enforcement. This unique facet makes Law Officer more than just a publishing company—but a true advocate for the profession. Apr 22, 2013 · Police and Law Enforcement. ... Retail sales price for a new TASER M18 is $399 and for the TASER M18L it is $599. Prices for used units depends on their condition. ... the civilian version of the ...

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The TASER Pulse+ provides civilians with the same technology used by law enforcement nationwide but with a longer exposure time (30 seconds vs 5 seconds). This is a less lethal option for civilians to temporarily incapacitate an assailant without the legal ramifications of using deadly force.
The SR Buckle Taser® Holster can fit all X26 models. ... Domestic Sales International Sales Federal Law Enforcement Sales ... SR Buckle strap retention of Taser ... There is an expectation that Law Enforcement Officers will only use deadly force as an absolute necessity. One of the tools making this possible is the Taser. Digital Ally To Expand Taser Rivalry With Wireless Stun Gun ... such a product might be available for sale. ... cameras and digital-video storage technology for law enforcement, has seen its ...